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Buck In A Bag

The Player

The Player

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The Ultimate Portable Decoy!

The Player buck has 3 very unique qualities in his posture, and can be used in a few different ways. With his head down seeming like he is feeding, he can also be mistaken as a buck “Hot on a Doe’s Trail”, and can present him self as unwelcome young buck in the area. The player buck also possesses the posture of “not wanting a fight”, and is seen as if he is submitting to a more aggressive buck. When it comes to bigger bucks wanting to come in for a closer inspection, The Player buck really does the trick. For the best results when using The Player buck, place Dilly or Dazzy close to him. 

The Player buck is a silhouette image printed on both sides.

For Best results, Add another Player Buck into the mix while rattling, and create the image of two bucks sparing. Add Dilly or Dazzy to the mix, and watch deer come walking in. The Player Buck can also be used in many other senecios. Combine The Player with Dazzy or Dilly during the Rut in an open field, or in the woods can create the image of a “Buck, hot on a Doe’s Trail”. Mature bucks that observe this set up really brings them in.

The Player buck works great during the Pre-Rut, Rut, and Post Rut season.  

Good Luck out there


Included in the package: 1 decoy, 2 adjustable sticks, 4 stakes, carry bag, nose pin, and velcro strap.

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