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Buck In A Bag

The Landowner

The Landowner

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The Ultimate Trespassing Deterrent Decoy!

The Landowner decoy can be used in many different ways. His presence in the woods brings a new meaning to “stay off my land”. With his bright orange outfit, The Landowner can be seen from a distance, and becomes a huge deterrent to other hunters. This decoy is a must when it comes to deterring other hunters from entering onto privately own land. The Landowner decoy is also a great way to educate the animals in the area that “you are there, but you’re really not”.. and poses as no threat for the animals that see him sitting there. Simply replace his presence with your own when you get there to hunt, and set him up when you leave. Hanging The Landowner in a tree stand, ground

The Land owner is a silhouette image of two different hunters each on one side.

blind, or other stands on your property, really gives the user the advantage to keep other hunters from entering onto your property, or keeping hunters away from getting into your stand or blind. The Landowner can be used all season long. 

The decoy system comes with 1 decoy, 2 folding sticks, 2 stakes, a carry bag, and a Velcro strip. 

(This is one decoy, Front & Back images are shown.) 

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