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Hunting Buddy

Hunting Buddy

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There is no question the Hunting Buddy will create more opportunities for you to see more deer, than not not seeing when you get to your hunting spot. The Hunting Buddy was created so that when you’re not there, the animals think you are. Leaving the Hunting Buddy in a tree stand or a ground blind can be very beneficial when it comes to educating the animals that something is there. Obviously you’re not there, but just like a neighborhood stop sign, the animals adapt to seeing something, but is seems as no threat. In time the decoy becomes a part of what they see every day. Replacing your self with the Hunting Buddy when you get there, and leaving him behind when you leave, “is” the ultimate trick. 

The Hunting Buddy is a silhouette image of two different hunters one on each side.

The Hunting Buddy can also work as a deterrent for those hunters who are trespassing and shouldn’t be there. 

For best results, place the Hunting Buddy out in the open where it can be seen from a distance. 

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