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Brody The Coyote

Brody The Coyote

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Brody the coyote is a life size coyote that truly brings in other coyotes. His posture and attitude really makes other coyotes believe he is invading other coyotes territory, but also looks like he is into something. This decoy can be used in many different ways. Brody the coyote is very useful when calling in other coyotes using an electronic sequence of a rabbit in distress, a fawn in distress, or a territorial calling sequence. 

For the best results, add Dazzy Doe close by and use a fawn in distress sequence. This set up is undoubtedly a game changer, and really brings in other coyote's. While at the same time Brody the Coyote near by looking for the fawn in distress and Dazzy Doe can’t do anything.

Brody the Coyote is a double sided silhouette decoy and comes with two adjustable sticks, 2 stakes, and a carry bag.

Good Luck out there.  


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