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Buck In A Bag

Dilly Doe

Dilly Doe

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The Ultimate Portable Decoy!


Dilly Doe is the one decoy that really bring in all deer. Using Dilly Doe all season long with her calm feeding posture, and the no worry attitude to danger, Dilly fits the scene that all deer are accustomed to seeing when they make their way to the fields to feed. Dilly with her head down feeding posture really shows other deer that she is unaware of their approach, and draws them in for a closer look to feed with her. When it comes to enticing other deer to come in and have a little snack along side her, Dilly is lethal. For the Best results, add The Player buck with Dilly and create the illusion of a younger buck trying to move in on a hot doe. Using Dilly Doe at dawn or dusk in an open field can bring deer into the fields earlier. When it comes to getting them bucks out of the shadows and in for closer look, Dilly gets the job done. Dilly Doe is a silhouette image printed on both sides.

Add Dazzy Doe into the mix, and create the image we all see, doe’s normally together. 

Good Luck out there

Included in the package: 1 decoy, 2 adjustable sticks, 4 stakes, a carry bag, a nose pin, and a velcro strap.

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