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Buck In A Bag

Dazzy Doe

Dazzy Doe

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Dazzy Doe is undoubtedly the decoy that can bring in the Big Bucks. Her image and posture is very inviting to all deer who see her, but also gives off a sense of calm when other deer approach her. Dazzy Doe is a silhouette image printed on both sides.

Dazzy can be used all season long, and is very deadly during the Rut. 

For best results during the Rut, add The Player to mix and watch other bucks come walking in. Combine Dazzy with Dilly, and create the senecio we all see, doe’s together. 

Good Luck out there

Included in the package: 1 decoy, 2 adjustable sticks, 3 stakes, a carry bag, and a velcro strap.

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